What are ICOs?

Apart from confusing about the best ICO to invest in. This is one of the most common question people come up with most of the time. ICO has become tremendously famous, but most people are still unaware about the actual meaning of ICO. Some people have literally jumped into investing in ICO without having any prior knowledge. Also, many people have misconceptions, such as ICO and Bitcoin are same. However, there are very little source of learning everything about ICOs. So, read along to find out the importance and actual meaning of ICO. This article will surely solve most of your doubts regarding ICO.


Here are some of the facts about ICO. These facts will help in you deciding whether you want to invest in ICOs or not. These facts are:

ICO is an abbreviated term to Initial Coin Offering. It is one of the most popular way of raising funds through crowdfunding. Also, it has become one of the most preferable way of raising funds for a project or company. Apart from this, raising funds through launching ICO is not just easy but fastest too.

People are going crazy about investing in ICO because it has been labelled as the fastest way of getting rich.

You will have to buy either bitcoin or ethereum wallet before investing in ICO. Buying these will help in establishing smooth transactions.

Ethereum ICO prices are fixed by the company and ICOs are not regulated by a governed body.

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