The initial coin offering is the platform that helps the start-ups to have their funds raised. Frequently the lists or reviews are released which shows different number of crypto coins and tokens. Along with the names of different crypto tokens they also show the usage, number of sales, the sale date and time, opening and closing sale time, the token price, market cap and many other details. The list helps in making the customer ensured about his purchase. The list displays the cost also. The initial cost, present cost and other benefits are also included over here. Thus, this helps in identifying some of the cheap cryptocurrency to invest in. Some of them are,





They are still many more of them which are the best and effective within less amount of money. Similar to the list there is one more way of making customers aware about ICOs. They are ICO alerts. They maintain the entire calendar about the ICOs. The market, the sale dates, the price, the ups and downs etc. Each and every single detail and knowledge about cryptocurrency is made to reach the customers. This can be always considered as the trusted activity of ICO discovery platform.

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