Top ICOs 2018

Cryptocurrency is no more a new word in the technology-driven world. The subject has been significantly extended to a number of countries. Besides popular Bitcoin and blockchain technology, there exists a platform for raising funds – ICO. The three letter word stands for Initial Coin Offering. The introduction of ICO led a base and foundation for capital to many companies. It is no more a tedious job to find investors for your business. The top ICOs existing in the market has made it possible to offer funds to new startups through crypto exchanges with investors.

ICO has set the biggest trend in the cryptocurrency market. To invest or getting started with ICO, enlighten yourself through the following points:

The biggest question surfacing in crypto lovers has been how to launch ICO. People often leave the question unanswered assuming it to be a complex process. Trust me it is not.

The foremost step involves getting an idea for ICO. Before moving on, surf well about your competitors and legal status of ICO in your country. Creating an ICO token is an essential and integral step. Make sure you are well aware of blockchain technology which will come handy in creating tokens. The process is further followed by drafting a whitepaper and launches the website for future exchanges.

Buying ICOs has also been quite a popular topic in the crypto driven world. Usually, individuals are seen suffering with where to buy ICO question. It is recommended that you register for the desired ICO on their website and search for token sales. Most of the ICOs have their own dedicated website for buying procedure. Send your favorite cryptos to their address and get the money once the ICO sale is completed.


Always select from the top ICOs. Some of them establishing their identity in 2018 are CoinAnalyst, FlipNpick, and Dominium.

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