What is ICO and PRE ICO?

People have been crazily investing in cryptocurrency. However, the craze about cryptocurrency is absolutely worth, people have made good profits out of it. Also, most companies that are launching ICO are actually solving real time problems of people. Companies with real time goal are hardly making it to the top of the list. They remain in the list like a name. But, the meaning of ICO is not completely understood by a lot of them. Majorly because some people only follow what their financial agent has advised them to do. Read along to find everything you need to know about ICO. Right from pre-arrangements and the money required to launch an ICO:



You gain knowledge about a particular thing in a single night. You will have to work for longer hours to learn it. Here are some of the major facts about ICO and Pre ICO:


Initial coin offering or ICO are one and same thing. People are making these offering to raise funds through crowdfunding in the blockchain network.

A pre ICO is launched to support the finances of main event. The benefits involved with re ICO are much higher than ICO. It is cheaper than the main ICO.

You can easily find ICOs over any altcoin exchange. You do not have to dig into secret websites to find information about ICO.

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