Cryptocurrency Ethereum

Whenever we either purchase or sell anything usually, we usually use some kind of card and its processing is done by the bank. When we do this, we often face problems such as whenever we perform a transaction of any kind, using a transaction card, a share is taken by the bank always. One needs to take risks and trust the bank company to protect the essential/ necessary data as well as certain valuables from hackers. Ethereum comes under the top cryptocurrency list. It is undoubtedly amongst the best ICO to invest now in.

To solve this problem a new technology has come up which is totally based on science of cryptography, uses math to protect personal belongings. This special exchange now in constant news is called the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is much like the bitcoin. However, the dissimilarity is the bitcoin is a peer to peer nature of bitcoin that permits the person for making any trade online. Whereas, Ethereum focuses on the running of software that are decentralized. These software are utilized to exchange data and cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s cryptocurrency is Ether. This new face of technological advancement will definitely help the public to carry out works in a much better and protected way.

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