The index for ICO is the best website, which helps the user to access all the available pieces of information related to cryptocurrency as well as the ICO. The cryptocurrency market has witnessed an increase to a greater extent and hence to control them and track them the index is established. The index is launched to keep a check on the ICOs. And hence, make the work simple. There are many other ICOs which have become popular in very short amount of time because of their clever agreements or because of their characteristics. One such ICO token is erc20. It is the Ethereum token version and is utilized on the blockchain platform based on Ethereum to implement different tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum request for comment and the number 20 is attached over here which indicates the request number. Some of such tokens are:

Binance Coin




These are the most significant and most popular tokens. The market cap is merely an indication of a sample calculation. It is multiplication of current share price and total number of existing shares. The alt coin is the alternate to a bitcoin. The altcoin market cap is nothing but the price of coin at present multiplied by the total coins that are currently there in the market. It is $46,847.

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