If you are interested in investing in ICOs, there are a lot of choices for you and that’s a good thing for investors. On the other hand, it could be confusing to find a good cryptocurrency to invest in. Nowadays there is so much hype on cryptocurrencies that many people get carried away by the amount of investments in ICOs. This has made many investors incur losses in after ICO have ended.

A wise investor will want to ask what the best upcoming cryptocurrency is. One way of knowing the best cryptocurrency is by looking into ICO reports of ICO tokens (If at this point you’re don’t know what is ICO token, you can try read articles on it). The ICO report gives us information of what the best ICO cryptocurrencies is. In addition, you’ll also get to know about the performance of the upcoming cryptocurrency you are trying to invest in. In summary, here is what you’ll know by considering ICO reports of cryptocurrencies.

Current value

Market performance

Important changes made to the ICO (e.g. Change of name)

With that said some cryptocurrencies are currently doing well at the moment while some are performing poorly. Cryptocurrencies like NEX and DASH are currently doing well and you can check out their market performance on ICO rating.

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