A  good side of cryptocurrencies is that anyone can get their own cryptocurrencies if they wish to. So why would you want to get your own cryptocurrency? For one reason it is a smart way of generating funds through ICO. Also, as the value of your new cryptocurrency increases, your ROI and that of investors increases. In this article, we’ll discuss on how to launch an ICO on Ethereum. Who knows? You may be launching an ICO hotter than that of Ethereum. But before we get started you will need the following:

An Atom or Sublime text editor

Solidity contract

Of course, you will also need an Ethereum address and some ethers. To get started, create an Ethereum token. Visit and download the wallet application. Next hit the Deploy new contract button. After that are options for creating a token, limiting number tokens in circulation, and setting the price. Your price could be higher than ETH ico price if you wish to – there is no limit.

The most important aspect of setting up your token is the so-called construction parameters. With construction parameters, you can control how fast one can mine your token. Lastly, you should know that it will cost you some Ethers and Gas to create a contract on Ethereum. The term Gas should be considered as transaction fee for trading Ethers.

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