What to look out for when choosing an ICO

It goes without saying that there are a myriad of initial Coin Offerings that are being sold left, right and center. Some of them are genuine, some are scams, while others a total fail. It is therefore very important to ensure that you have made the right choice, when choosing on the ICO to invest your hard earned cash on. The choice that you make will determine the returns that you will get. For example, if you follow the advice of leading crypto blogs and comprare Bitcoin, your financial situation may significantly improve. Below are some of the pointers that you should look out for when making this choice.

Who your developer is. You should never invest your money in every token that you find in the online platforms. This is because the developer, from which you will buy your ICO from, will automatically determine the level of returns that you get. Therefore choose a developer who is in good standing and whose white paper has all the information that you need.

In addition, look at their reviews, level of experience and the road map that they have set for the execution of their goals and choose the developer that fits your bill. Never go for a developer who you know very little about as they may be potential fraudsters.

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